• anaxander From the Dirty South (of France) (12", £7.95)

    The man of mystery is back! Following up his killer cut “Moons of Jupiter” from LWYF-003, Anaxander is back on Love What You Feel with a full EP of his crazy French twist on house and techno. Entitled “From the Dirty South (of France)”, this record will solidify his standing as one of underground dance music’s up and coming stars. Rocking out his distinctive arrangements and flexing his feel for mixing classic house sounds with modern production aesthetics, Anaxander shows great poise across the diverse cuts on display here. A1. Angels for Stephanie: The A1 kicks things off with deep bass and squelchy analog synthesisers, before diving headfirst into uplifting house chords and vocal cut-ups. The essence of the EP! A2. Back on Earth: Next up is “Back on Earth”, which adds jazzy touches to emotional pads and drum machines for a jam that wouldn’t feel out of place in the Nu Groove catalog. B1. Athenians: The dramatic pads of “Athenians” are complimented by subtly funky drum programming, adding to dancers’ pleasure. B2. Spartans: The EP closes with “Spartans”, a raved-up jacking banger sure to set floors on fire from Marseille to Pittsburgh and back again.

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