• gente joven Glub Glub Glub (CD, £10.75)

    label: Acuarela

    Glub Glub Glub is the title of Gente Joven’s third record, adazzling deviation in the context of Spanish indie, architects of a “picnic dream-pop” (as they like to define it) in the vibe of the Sr. Chinarro of “La Pena Máxima”, the first Slowdive/The Magnetic Fields and close to Spanish indie cult band Family, all filtered through noise-pop. 12 tracks in Spanish in the same emotional field which fluctuates between the evocations of memories lost in time and the hope of a fully realised life. Rafa Martínez del Pozo (Eliminator Jr, La Jr, AATigre) stars as the engineer of the record. 1 Glub/ 2 Memorias de mis patos tristes/ 3 Fotogramas/ 4 Al Flote/ 5 Glub Glub/ 6 Todos los peces olvidan lo mismo/ 7 Actores de cine mudo/ 8 Gigantes y gigantillos/ 9 Glub Glub Glub/ 10 El Guardián/ 11. Pamplinas/ 12. La arruga es bella

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