• 1970s film stock Birds (CD, £11.50)

    North Carolina-based guitarist Eddie Garcia lays down hard on the altar of pedal worship, drowning audiences in a fuzzy wash of guitars that stagger between beauty and chaos. Experimental and shoe-gaze sound collages rub up against finger-picked melodies and sustained drones. 1970s Film Stock is often described as "cinematic," with looping ambient textures, improvisation, skewed hooks, and live composition that work as a soundtrack of a lost film. Birds is a meditation on ambient guitar music, recalling like-minded modern forebears of the genre a la Mark McGuire (Emeralds), Jefre Cantu Ledesma and Dustin Wong. Doubling down on the aesthetic and filtering in a fresh American Primitive bent, this is true transport music hitting heady start to finish. Broken, epic and swirling, Fire Talk is proud to make available 1970s Film Stock's latest work. Tracks: Birds / In View / Slack / Sling For Skeletons / We're Not Going Anywhere / Walk Away / Victory Repeating

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