• adam fairhall Friendly Ghosts (CD, £11.50)

    Over the past decade, Adam Fairhall has forged an international reputation as a jazz pianist and improviser of exceptional versatility. Named as a nod to the ever-present influence of long-gone pianists on his playing, 'Friendly Ghosts' represents Adam's recorded debut as a solo pianist and continues the synthesis of styles that has long been a feature of his work. Solo piano is a format particularly suited to Adam's desire to draw on elements of stride, ragtime, bop, blues and free jazz styles in the creation of his individual voice. Through years of study (ultimately leading to him being awarded a PhD in 2008) Adam has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of early jazz and the ways in which it can connect to free jazz and contemporary idioms. His aim is to place these resources at the service of playful, spontaneous invention, within a free-wheeling (and sometimes rough-edged) improvisational style that creates its own momentum and energy. Recorded live in 2014 in Newcastle and Manchester on two of the northern English circuit's nicest pianos, 'Friendly Ghosts' demonstrates some of Adam's most accomplished and representative playing on record to date, capturing the energy and the atmosphere of the moment and of the unique concert situation. Tracks: KT Boogie / Pine Apple Rag / Egyptian Fantasy / Restaurant Music / Blue Square / I'm Getting Sentimental Over You / New Great Northern Stomp

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