• hisato higuchi She (CD, £11.50)

    label: Family Vineyard

    She has been unavailable for more than a decade. This reissue makes the acclaimed album readily available for old and new fans. Expanded reissue of Japanese musician Hisato Higuchi’s startling debut. When She was self-released in 2003, Higuchi had been writing and performing his style of “Tokyo labourer’s blues” for a decade. The delicate song textures of She capture the utter feeling of loneliness and a sleep-deprived mind staring off into a blurry urban night sky. The music is “assembled from pedalling shapes of wraithlike guitar, blasted, genderless vocals and thin films of digital electronics and fuzz,” David Keenan wrote in The Wire at the time. “On guitar he plays blues as oratorical as Loren Mazzacane Connors, moving from chords that sing like the guts of pianos through slouched single notes, propping up song forms as nod out beautiful as anything conceived by Kendra Smith and David Roback... One of the finest solitary broadcasts from beneath the Tokyo pavement for a while.” This reissue of “She” includes new cover art by Higuchi, two additional songs from the original recording session and remastered audio by Taylor Deupree of 12k. Track Listing: 1 Breath 2 Girl Sister 3 Siren 4 Ghost Ghosts 5 Guitar 6 Speed 7 Ghosts Ghost 8 Sister Girl 9 Ghost Ghosts (alternate take)

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