• agnostic front Iron Chin / Blitzkrieg Bop (7", £7.95)

    Originally written by AGNOSTIC FRONT, the anthem “Iron Chin” was gifted to, and made famous by the legendary The Bruisers. For the release of “Oi! Ain’t Dead 5 – U.S.A. Attack!” (Rebellion Records) the NYHC pioneers finally recorded their version of this scorcher and, once again, it became an instant hit! As a fan-service, Agnostic Front and Strength Records decided to make it an individual release, include killer artwork and add live-favourite “Blitzkrieg Bop” to the B-side for a limited, you know it will be gone soon, 7”! The “Iron Chin” 7” can be booked as a collectors’ item sooner than later, so take your pick and bop!

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