• atomÁk Every Room In Britain (LP, £15.95)

    label: SuperFi

    AtomÁk are a trio from the UK's wet and wild south-west. They have been plugging away for over a decade, evolving their primitive noise roots into a uniquely eccentric and offbeat brand of grindcore for thee end-tymes. "Every Room In Britain" is a 17-minute head crusher of cacophonous chaos, all furiously catchy riffs and inhumanly shrill, stuck-ape vocals with pinpoint drums that border on the chaotic. Tracklisting 1:Rot Induction 2:Full Of Sell 3:Fuck Off Back To London 4:Back Office Savings 5:Preston Slayer Fans 6:Young Professionals 7:Every Room 8:Community Payback 9:Bare Minimum Customer Service 10:Robot Cannibal 11:Misery Trance 12:Waiting For Junko 13:Two Grand Bro 14:Glass Floor 15:Pro Area 16:Micro Aggressions 17:Self Defeater 18:Purged 19:Another Nails In The Coffins 20:Fastard 21:Anguish Champions

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