• lamagaia Lamagaius (LP, £14.95)

    Sound Effect Records proudly present the long awaited, re-mastered reissue of Lamagaia's debut album! "Lamagaius" has previously been released as a cassette in 2013 and on vinyl in 2015, both with unmastered sound, both very hard to find collectors' items. Now, "Lamagaius" has received the re-mastering treatment of Athens' Ekelon and is ready to reveal its mantra-like quality to the ears of more unsuspecting music-heads around the globe. The Gothenburg-based Swedes just released their self-titled sophomore album to an ecstatic core of fans of modern space/kraut/drone-psych sounds, however, "Lamagaius", with its 28-minutes-single-track "strategy" is the essential Lamagaia disc! As they, themselves comment: "this recording of Lamagaius was made when the song was still very new, and not really fixed in a solid form. We like to record like that. It gives room for improvising without fear of ruining some pre-set vision. That way, the song gets to have a say about its own shape." "... it is as if the track has been somehow gestating in some sort of kosmische womb waiting for the right moment to present itself. .. this is not the random twiddling of a new band finding its way, but a fully formed slice of space drone music that can and will inveigle its way into your brain and make the world somehow feel better." (www.backseatmafia.com) "....the flow and the depth of the kosmische experience is so entrancing. Flashes of feedback, washes of cosmic synths and stabs of almost surf-like guitar are all added to the mix...but it's that rhythm....never missing a beat and keeping the whole track together. If this was released as a lost Neu! track, people would be falling over themselves to get to it....it's that good." (dayzofpurpleandorange.blogspot.gr). Tracklist Side A: Mutiny, Deorbit Side B: Sail The Infinite Void

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