• an introduction part 3 (dimensions recordings)  (12", £7.25)

    Over the past six years, Dimensions has become a leading name in the underground, with its festival, International Series, DJ Directory and Dimensions Soundsystem. Now, Dimensions extends its influence with the start of its label - Dimensions Recordings. The label launches with a 12-track compilation across three separate discs. ‘An Introduction’ makes a huge statement in setting out the label’s intent and breadth. With artists established and new stepping up to present 12 exclusive tracks. * Dimensions Recordings explores its darker side on An Introduction Part 3 with intergalactic oddities and twisted techno constructions, the release is definitely ones for the late hours. ‘Crosstalk’ from gear heads London Modular Alliance opens; a squelching, electro, hardware excursion demonstrating a small snippet of what’s to come from the talented trio. Next, French artist, Upwellings steps up to demonstrate his purist approach as he unites elements of dub and techno to create the beautifully spacey ‘Soft Shadows’. The third offering comes courtesy of Fachwerk label boss and prolific techno artist, Mike Dehnert; who presents raw but melodic track in ‘Tokio,’which maintains his minimal and stripped back aesthetic beautifully. Chicago’s Steven Tang in his Obsolete Music Technology rounds off the release with ‘Comb Freq,’ a devastatingly powerful mix of acidic, bleeping dance floor energy! Tracklist: A1. London Modular Alliance – ‘Crosstalk’ A2. Upwellings – ‘Soft Shadows’ B1. Mike Dehnert – ‘Tokio’ B2. Obsolete Music Technology – ‘Comb Freq’

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