• max's kansas city - 1976 & beyond  (double LP, £17.50)

    label: jungle

    The historical 1976 LP from the pioneering NYC club plus 16 extra tracks, including many rare, exclusive and collectable tracks from the birth of punk! Features WAYNE COUNTY, SUICIDE, THE FAST, THE HEARTBREAKERS, STILETTOS, IGGY POP, CHERRY VANILLA, NICO, NEW YORK DOLLS, SID VICIOUS & many more. The original pioneering New York City punk club’s 1976 groundbreaking compilation LP, updated and extended with 16 additional nuggets from the legendary Max’s scene, including rare and unreleased tracks. Includes extensive historical and biographical notes from scenester Jimi Lalumia and Max’s musical director Peter Crowley. The club was recently recreated by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger for their 'Vinyl' HBO series, set in the mid-70's rock scene. Gatefold; with extensive notes by Jimi Lalumia and Peter Crowley. Disc 1: Wayne County & The Back Street Boys ‘Max’s Kansas City 1976’; THE FAST ‘Boys Will Be Boys’; HARRY TOLEDO ‘Knots’; CHERRY VANILLA & HER STATEN ISLAND BAND ‘Shake Your Ashes’; WAYNE COUNTY & THE BACK STREET BOYS ‘Cream In My Jeans’; THE FAST ‘Wow Pow Bash Crash’; WAYNE COUNTY & THE BACK STREET BOYS ‘Flip Your Wig’; THE JOHN COLLINS BAND ‘The Man In Me’; SUICIDE ‘Rocket USA’; THE FAST ‘Kids Just Wanna Dance’; PHILIP RAMBOW ‘Night Out’; SUICIDE ‘Ghost Rider’. Disc 2: NEW YORK DOLLS ‘Bad Girl’; THE STILETTOS ‘Pink Stilettos’; THE KNOTS ‘Heartbreaker’; THE SENDERS ‘6th Street’; JIMI LALUMIA & THE PSYCHOTIC FROGS ‘Death To Disco’; THE BRATS ‘First Rock Star On The Moon’; THE OFFS ‘You Fascinate Me’; VON LMO ‘This Is Pop Rock’; TERRORISTS ‘Riis Park’; NICO ‘Saeta’; IGGY POP ‘Rock Action’; JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS ‘M.I.A.’; SID VICIOUS ‘Take A Chance’

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