• unknown error Yearning / Midnight Special (12", £7.95)

    label: Horizons Music

    Horizons’ back catalogue is one of the most definitive across the full spectrum of drum & bass, bringing together records which have graced sets throughout its formative decades. Well known for their collection of ground breaking artists, their next release features a duo whose music stands the test of time and who remain pillars drum & bass’s techier sounds. Unknown Error’s hefty offerings on the likes of Lifted Music and Renegade Hardware still do damage in clubs today, but it’s their daintier delivery on Horizons which is seeing this vinyl release remastered for 2017. * With jagged-edge breaks, ‘Yearning’ explores the idea of liquid which still manages to aurally bite its listener. The track is yet to weather, toeing the line between the euphoric undertones of a late-night roller and the hard-hitting sounds of their Renegade and Lifted days. With deep, moody dancefloor feeling and cutting edge sound design, Unknown Error know how to sonically manipulate their music, presenting a perfect juxtaposition of dark and light. They make an impact without overstating their presence, a skill which takes years to refine. The experience Unknown Error wield together has helped them to remain an important part of drum & bass today. * ‘Midnight Special’ pushes the same stringent standards, with a sensibility that shines through each segment. It’s the type of record which Horizons has put on a pedestal from the beginning, helping them to become a leader within their field. With jazzy, groove ridden undertones and calling synths, distorted vocal falls amongst its layers like a spectre. Tinny drums help bolster the composition, maintaining its heavier flow. Once again platforming the same ingenious juxtaposition, Unknown Error prove that over ten years on, their records remain timeless. * Horizons Music are still releasing tracks of the same calibre but as they approach 100th release, it’s a nod to their background and how they’re able continue the same standard, paying homage to their roots and giving back to fans who’ve stayed with them from the beginning.

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