• anthony pasquarosa Abbandonato da Dio Nazione (LP, £23.95)

    3rd LP for VDSQ, several on Feeding Tube. Anthony Pasquarosa focuses the third eye back to 1910 to conjure a lysergic spaghetti Western experience. Expect to be transported to another realm where gunshots, galloping horses and psychedelic gunslingers mark the terrain. Pasquarosa reveals himself to be a master stylist and his third full length for VDSQ shows the widescreen breadth of his cinematic vision. Abbandonato Da Dio Nazione is expansively packaged with hand drawn artwork from the guitarist himself. Western’s have never sounded like this. A Western Massachusetts musical alchemist, Anthony Pasquarosa was first introduced to wider audiences in 2014 with his solo guitar raga, VDSQ Solo Acoustic Vol. 7. A well respected member of the hardcore scene Pasquarosa played in nihilistic-charged bands such as SQRM, Aerosols and Viper. Lately he has focused on more psychedelic oriented projects such as Crystalline Roses, World Domination and Glue Bag, all having release lps in recent years. In 2015 Pasquarosa released the Morning Meditations LP on VDSQ to wide acclaim, a transcendental minimal masterwork with water sounds playing throughout the whole album. In 2017 Abbandonato Da Dio Nazione cements his status as one of today’s great modern guitar players, a master of infinite styles. Tracklist: 1. Godforsaken Country (Sequence 1) 2. Run For Life, Death Is Near (Sequence 1) 3. Upon Nebraska Praries 4. Godforsaken Country (Sequence 2) 5. With Knives, Guns and Revolvers 6. Godforsaken Country (Sequence 3) 7. What Makes a Man? 8. Run For Life, Death Is Near (Sequence 2) 9. Run For Life, Death Is Near (Sequence 3) 10. The Robbing of the Northfield Bank 11. Godforsaken Country (Sequence 4, End Credits)

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