• aquarius sounds Dubbing at Aquarius Studios 1977-1979 (LP, £12.50)

    label: jamaican recordings

    Record Producer/ DJ / Record Plugger and Record Shop Owner Herman Chin-Lay operated out of his Aquarius Record shop at Half Way Three, Kingston, Jamaica. It is from this base that he started his recording studio where he not only put out the first ever Dub album ‘Aquarius Dub’ but was also responsible for naming future artist Horace Swaby. By allowing him to use his exotic fictitious working name ‘Augustus Pablo’ for his own recording career. Although called ‘Aquarius Dub’ the tacks that make up this album were cut at Dynamic Sounds, Harry J’s and Randy’s Studio 17. It was not long after this release that Herman opened the first ever twenty four track studio Aquarius Studios. We have compiled this set of Dub tracks that were worked on at Aquarius studios itself. Using the legendary studio for some of the recordings and/or its mixing and voicing facilities. Hope you enjoy the set… Dubbing at Aquarius Sounds… Tracklisting Track 1 MIX UP DUB Track 2 BREAKING DUB Track 3 SHE GONE DUB Track 4 CHEATER DUB Track 5 FLING WEH YOUR GUNS DUB Track 6 REGGAE MUSIC DUB Track 7 PREDATOR DUB Track 8 EMPEROR DUB Track 9 ROAMING DUB Track 10 LOVE DUB Track 11 OLIVES DUB Track 12 SHORT MAN DUB

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