• afenginn Opus (double CD, £12.95)

    The title of the new album says it all: Opus, the new release of Danish music project Afenginn, has indeed become a major work, consisting of four movements – just like a classical symphony. Within those pieces, an unusual world of sounds unfolds, largely unspoilt by traditional patterns and structures. Influenced by folk, world music and classical music, Afenginn have created their own individual style, acoustic, innovative, dynamic and doleful, which has brought them a wealth of awards and grants in their home country as well as worldwide appreciation and success. Afenginn was founded in 2002 in Copenhagen by musicology student Kim Rafael Nyberg from Finland and Rune Kofoed from Denmark. They quickly assembled a crew of fellow musicians also willing to stray from the beaten track and explore new sounds. Using mandolin, violin, clarinet, bass and drums, Afenginn combined the mystic melancholy of Scandinavian folk with the rhythmic energy of Balkan music, a mix that worked particularly well at gigs, where Afenginn proved that their name – an Old Norse expression for intoxication and strength - had not been chosen idly. Kim Nyberg on mandolin – clarinet player Rasmus Krřyer, violinist Niels Skovmand and Erik Olevik on cello and bass. But just like on every Afenginn album, a number of guest musicians lent a hand, such as singer Ólavur Jákupsson (best known from his work with Yann Tiersen) and Ale Carr from Dreamers Circus on cittern. Tracks: Intro / Bordrone / Guzzy / Luna Televisio / Quicksilver / Plantaris / Lentoperho / Vespersong / Partiro Futile / Gronja / Tabbouleh Rasa / Rasende Tabul / Ether / Akkapolska / Fototoksik / Pandemonium / Amore Memoriam / Axiom

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