• astral dimension Galassia M81 (hand-numbered 180g vinyl LP, £28.75)

    Fabio Borgazzi - aka Fabio Fabor - played literally every known style of music, from baroque to "satanic" electronic, on his library music albums released during his career which lasted almost seven decades. In 1981, when he released 'Galassia M81', Fabor was a veteran in the scene of library music, both as an author and an editor. It was the so-called golden age for the genre, just a moment before the advent of MIDI - which made everything easier, but flatter too, putting an end to the "Italian Touch". The tracks featured here (credited to the fictional combo The Astral Dimension: Fabor together with his friend Antonio Arena) still have a definite '70s taste, reminding the wave of German kosmische musik (especially the Darmstad school), but they also reflect the Moog-mania raging in pop music after the big success of Walter/Wendy Carlos with the 'Switched On' series. Avant-garde and kitsch hand in hand, ambient for documentaries and background music for horoscopes... all in sequence, with the only purpose of being used and generating royalties.

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