• legends Nightshift (CD, £11.50)

    label: Labrador

    Nightshift is an album brimful of lazy space-funk, electro-noir, and feral pop frenzy from the hyper-confident musical alter-ego of Stockholm-based Labrador Records label-head Johan Angergård (Djustin, Club 8, Acid House Kings). The album sees Angergård taking full ownership of his solo project, bringing The Legends on to his own Labrador Records (home to The Radio Dept., Pallers, Club 8, Acid House Kings + more). "I'm more self-confident today and figured I might as well go all DIY again. As much as I love other people, there's just no opinion I value higher than my own right now." On this third LP the artist embraces his inner tech geek with a heavy dose of vocoders and analogue synthesisers. The new 16-track collection was inspired by the funkiest electronic music he could find: "I love Futurism. I love the dynamism of modern technology. I love the endless possibilities... 'Nightshift' might be a night album, but it's lit up by neon." Tracks: Cash / There Is A Light That Soon Goes Out / Summer In The City (Living Is For Somebody Else) / Riding The Waves / In Love With Myself / Diamonds / Say what? / Space Jam / Motorway / The Phone Call / Automan / Midnight Sun / Roses / Cocaine / City Lights / Messages

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