• look blue go purple Still Bewitched (double LP, £28.75)

    label: flying nun

    Look Blue Go Purple rose, as so many Dunedin groups of the time did, from the roil of post-punk activity in the early 1980s. They were friends with, and sometimes girlfriends of, prominent members of the rising new groups. "[It was] an amazing pool of amazing people who just played music. And welcomed anyone who wanted to play music. We were a social group as well," LBGP bass player Kathy Bull (now Francisca Griffin) told Auckland student radio station 95bFM in 2012. An early shuffling of the pack saw Lesley Paris drumming with The Neanics and Craven A's with boyfriend Terry Moore, David Kilgour and Peter Gutteridge. "We had a kind of Velvet Underground thing going on. I'd always loved Maureen Tucker's drumming," Lesley Paris recalled to academic Ian Chapman in Kiwi Rock Chicks, Pop Stars & Trailblazers in 2010. Finally all three EPs have been released together as one double gatefold LP with six additional live recordings of previously unreleased tracks. Tracklist: Safety In Crosswords, Circumspect Penelope, Vain Hopes, As Does The Sun, Cactus Cat, Grace, 100 Times, Winged Rumour, Hiawatha, I Don't Want You Anyway, In Your Favour, Year Of The Tiger, Conscious Unconscious, Days Of Old, a request (live), juxtaposition (live), a girl like her (live), eyes are the door (live), codeine (live).

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