• primal rite Sensory Link to Pain (7", £8.75)

    label: revelation

    Formed from the ashes of the scene’s best kept secret, SCALPED, PRIMAL RITE come blazing out of the dirty club stages of the California Bay Area.  With a sound that takes influence from the powerful, metallic hardcore of the ’90s as well as that era’s most punishing crossover, thrash and death metal bands.  There is no shortage of speed with the fast riffs only interrupted by sharp solos and pounding breaks.  This 7” is a precursor to an LP on Revelation Records.  Toured with DISGRACE, ANGEL DU$T, POWER TRIP and DESTRUCTION UNIT  Played locally with MADBALL and NO TOLERANCE  Previous 7” on Grave Mistake Records (RED DEATH, NIGHT BIRDS, COKE BUST)

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