• halasan bazar Burns (CD, £11.50)

    Halasan Bazar returns with an elegant and timeless acid folk-rock album for tortured souls. Halasan Bazar is the band of Frederick Rollum Echo, a Norwergian musician located in Copenhagen (Denmark). Since the early days of the band, Halasan Bazar was warmly welcomed in France. In 2014 this reciprocal friendship leads to the recording of a mini-album in collaboration with Tara King called "8" and the release of "How To Be Ever Happy" in vinyl on Requiem Pour Un Twister. For "Burns", the third album of the band, they went to record in the same place as in 2014, La Gargouille in Chambon-sur-Lignon, a city known for taking an important part in French resistance. Sometimes you even might think of a pastoral Velvet Underground song where the trees and rivers substitute to buildings and re hydrants. Helped by Arnaud Boyer (of Tara King Th), Halasan Bazar created an unique blend of folk-rock and psychedelic music with beautiful watercolour tones. Halasan Bazar songwriting on "Burns" is confident and accomplished as ever, a timeless and elegant LP and a companion for the rest of our existence. Tracks: Lucky / Honest People / Get Sick And Die / Fools / Freak / Burns My Mind / Stretching Out / Under The Water / The Comedown / Junky / Lucky You / Coming Down

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