• saxophones If You're On the Water (3-track 7", £5.75)

    label: full time hobby

    Two-piece band from Oakland, California formed of husband-wife duo Alexi Erenkov & Alison Alderdice. Slow, meditative, spacious and atmospheric, this debut 7Ē is a subtle gem of modern American slow-core. Alexi Erenkovís duo, The Saxophones, create beautiful and personal music. Accompanied by his wife, Alison Alderdice, on percussion and samplers, they blend the darkness and melancholy of 1950s balladry with minimalistic woodwind arrangements, creating a hypnotic sound that hearkens to the past while affirming its place in the present. Alexi and his father were traveling 70 miles per hour in a fishing boat on Lake Shasta when they hit a swell and were both ejected. Neither were wearing life jackets. Alexi broke his femur upon impact with the water, his father was badly bruised. They managed to tread water until they were rescued by a passing ski boat. A week later, while coping with guilt for his role as the driver in the accident and preoccupied with caring for his son post-surgery, Alexiís father was struck another blow: his best friend committed suicide. The next week, Alison moved back to California to begin graduate school while Alexi finished a year of teaching in Portland. These three events shaped the life of both band members and the title track of The Saxophones' new EP, If Youíre on the Water. Now, Alexi and Alison are married, done with school, ready to share this music that pays tribute to the currents of beauty, sorrow, and regret that run through our lives. The If Youíre on the Water EP is the bandís first studio recording. It was recorded and mixed on an analogue Toft console by Cameron Spies of Radiation City over the course of a spring week in Portland, Oregon. Tracklisting 

1. If You're On The Water
2. New Tradition
3. Best Boy

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