• growing Disorder (LP, £28.75)

    label: important

    Double sided, screen printed jacket by Neil Burke @ Monoroid. Heavy duty virgin vinyl. Disorder marks a few milestones for the band Growing; it is their ninth full length release, in the fifteenth year of their band as well as their first record in almost six years. Disorder is neither revival nor bookend for Growing. Over their fifteen year career they've issued records on Kranky, Troubleman Unlimited, The Social Registry and Vice Records; they've toured with the likes of Sunn O))), Hot Chip, Fuck Buttons, Animal Collective & Gang Gang Dance and have played on five of the seven continents. Disorder is another mile marker on the long open road, both figuratively and literally, Growing have been traversing for years."A kaleidosope of prismatic tones and juddering electronics forming a series of mesmeric constellations." - Mojo.

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