• teengirl fantasy 8AM (double LP, £15.95)

    label: Planet Mu

    Teengirl Fantasy, the duo of Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss, return with Ď8AMí, their first full-length since 2012ís ĎTracerí. Ď8AMí is music that replicates that headspace when youíve seen the sun come up, but sleep is still way off. Itís music of the in-between time, between tonight and tomorrow, when youíre not ready to let the feeling of right here and right now go. Your body is spent, but your spirit holds on to the memory. A new energy or a different route. The album takes the dream-state of Teengirl Fantasyís 2010 album Ď7AMí deep into the next day, stretching ambient themes in multiple directions, scattering with the morning light. Ď8AMí is Teengirl Fantasyís most introspective and abstracted work so far. It still pulses with the muscle memory of house and disco, slow-motion sub bass, chiming synth melodies, and the airy, perfumed chords of early techno, but takes a line of flight away from songs, immersing the listener in a gently invigorating space. Pieced together from evocative fragments and longer beat-driven tracks, the music is melodic and dreamy, yet sharp and clear. The only vocal comes from Khalif Jones (f.k.a. Le1f) who draws the album back from its gentle turbulence into a time and place on 'Seedsí. Ď8AMí places the listener in a chilled delirium; one saturated with light, like when the glare from the sunís too bright but you canít stop squinting at it. Tracklisting: 01 Glare 02 Crash Soft 03 Telepaths 04 We Out 05 It was already light out 06 Where I Went 07 All of the Time B: 08 Star-rise 09 Donít 10 Seeds (ft. Khalif Jones) 11 En Route 12 Wet Eyes and Exhilaration

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