• rotten mind Rotten Mind (LP, £12.25)

    Rotten Mind are back with their second album, filled with alienation and darkness. The bands high energy and powerful melodies combined with a broader spectrum of influences makes this a stand out record. The ten track album is a splendid post punk/garage rock mash up from a Swedish band in their prime. The album follows up on the band's debut 'I'm Alone Even With You' that was released in the autumn 2015. “In an indie world where over-production is king at present, it all sounds remarkably coherent and exciting.” – NME Magazine. Includes a digital download card. Garage rock with silly amount of melodies, the band is named after a Jay Retard song for a reason. TRACK LISTING 1. Wish You Were Gone 2. Things I Can't See 3. Still Searching 4. Dark Intentions 5. Got Me Numbered 6. When You Come Back 7. Real Lies 8. Out Of Use 9. Safer Place 10. I Need To Know

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