• napalm death Scum (LP, £14.50)

    label: earache

    The founding band of grindcore... Napalm Death are THE most influential band in the genre. Having sold millions of records worldwide and toured the globe they have forged the unlikeliest of careers. The classic debut album ‘Scum’ was only Earache Records' 3rd ever release and started the wave of grindcore and extreme bands that followed over the next 15 years. PRESSED FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES. THIS VINYL ALBUM HAS BEEN SPECIALLY RECREATED USING ‘FDR’ – FULL DYNAMIC RANGE MASTERING - ALLOWING THE MUSIC’S NUANCES TO SHINE THROUGH AND GIVING THIS CLASSIC ALBUM A MORE FEROCIOUS AND DYNAMIC SOUND, ENABLING THE LISTENER TO IMMERSE IN THE FULL AUDIO HEAVINESS LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Track Listing Side 1
  1.  Multinational Corporations     2.  Instinct Of Survival     3.  The Kill     4.  Scum     5.  Caught In A Dream     6.  Polluted Minds     7.  Sacrificed     8.  Siege Of Power     9.  Control     10.  Born On Your Knees     11.  Human Garbage     12.  You Suffer  / Side 2
  1.  Life?     2.  Prison Without Walls     3.  Point Of No Return     4.  Negative Approach     5.  Success     6.  Deceiver     7.  CS     8.  Parasites     9.  Pseudo Youth     10.  Divine Death     11.  As The Machine Rolls On     12.  Common Enemy     13.  Moral Crusade     14.  Stigmatized     15.  MAD     16.  Dragnet

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