• caravan palace Panic (180g white vinyl double LP, £18.95)

    Caravan Palace, the French band that epitomises the ever-growing Electro Swing genre, release their second album “Panic”. This extraordinary group pushes its passion of electronic dance music to the limits, fusing gypsy jazz, classic swing and captivating beats together to produce their effervescent sound. Charles, Arnaud and Hughes, the initial trio, are addicted to the swing stylings of Django Reinhardt, but equally fired up by the electro genius of the likes of Vitalic and Daft Punk. The apostles of Electro Swing and the original swing kings try their hands at the genre’s traditional instruments: guitar, double bass and violin. Merging together these iconic influences gives Caravan Palace a unique edge. Following their headline slots at Secret Garden Party & Larmer Tree in 2012 and a run of UK shows including London’s Koko, Caravan Palace were back in the UK in September of this year to perform on the main stage at Bestival. With “Panic”, Caravan Palace takes us even farther than their self titled first album which spent 68 consecutive weeks in the French album chart and sold more than 150,000 copies. This is an album packed with jaunty, up-tempo swing and hacked up sounds; a compilation of raging, technological tunes and boisterous beats. There’s an undeniable mixture; ballads with deliciously slow yet vivid tempos as well as tracks with frantic beats, cascading breaks and experimental sounds. A dramatic compilation of songs that perfectly depicts the Electro Swing genre, Caravan Palace are on to a swinging winner with this one.

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