• art of burning water Between Life and Nowhere (LP, £12.50)

    label: SuperFi

    A broken down van for broken men on the side of some motorway on the way to a show only the promoter is excited about but still the beauty of the music sends the assembled bodies into a frenzied frenzy and what seemed pointless is now evidently point full. The years spent in the realm of ignore now seem a distant future away. The rewards for effort now seem effortlessly rewarding. By way of generous funding from the ever giving state the d-beat graduated and came to work for Art Of Burning Water. Fuck your 1982 d-beat worship. D-beat went to college. This is PhD-beat infused urban heartcore of the worst kind. Tracklisting 1:Rambo Survival Techniques 2:Prime Example Of A Lonely Child 3:Barbara O'Reilly 4:You 5:To Be Brave 6:Voivodian Solutions To Die Kreuzian Problems 7:Alesha 8:Prone To Bouts Of Hopelessness 9:Baby Without Your Love 10:Kindness Is Strength

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