• michael nau Mowing (LP, £17.25)

    label: full time hobby

    "His masterful instinct for arrangement, along with his reedy voice, earns Nau a place in the rock’n’roll underdogs’ Hall of Fame” - Pitchfork. Full Time Hobby are pleased to announce the signing of the Appalachian singer-songwriter Michael Nau for his debut album ‘Mowing’. Released in the US earlier in 2016 to critical acclaim, the album is made available in the UK & Europe for the first time complete with new artwork, its 12 tracks augmented by a brand new single, ‘Love Survive’. The sumptuous, Lee Hazlewood-esque ‘Love Survive’ features backing-vocals from Michael’s wife and bandmate Whitney McGraw. ‘Mowing’ was written whilst on the road, with tracks penned from Burlington, Vermont to Connecticut, to a back porch in Nashville, and others back in the tiny Appalachian city of Cumberland, Maryland, which Michael Nau currently calls home. Tracklisting 1. While You Stand 
2. The Glass 
3. Love Survive 
4. Smooth Aisles 
5. Your Jewel 
6. Maralou 
7. Mow 
8. So, So Long 
9. Winter Beat 
10. Good Moon 
11. Unwound 
12. In There

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