• theuse Journey to Truth / On My Deathbed (7", £5.50)

    label: Aagoo

    The haunting poetry of a suicidal Foxxconn worker finds new life on this 7” from TheUse. The NYC-based act, TheUse, is the solo project of Michael Durek. He teams up with Rachel Mason, Black Saturn and Charvak R. Jagtap for this two-track electronic release— “On My Deathbed feat. Rachel Mason”, and “Journey to Truth feat. Black Saturn & Charvak R. Jagtap”. TheUse is Michael Durek. He had music video premieres in The Wire Magazine and on Huffington Post Arts blog. He has performed on WFMU, Little Water Radio, in Le Poisson Rouge, at Experi-MENTAL festival, Excepter’s Equinox Festival at Trans Pecos, HARMAN Soundcheck series, and more. He has toured through Europe, the USA, and Canada, and his production or playing has been featured on over 40 albums. TheUse has also collaborated in studio or on stage with Sam Hillmer (Diamond Terrifier/ Zs), Rafal Iwanski (Alameda 5, X-Navi:Et , Hati), Danny C. Chavis (The Veldt), Jeanann Dara (Bjork), and many more.

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