• steve ignorant with paranoid visions Now and Then...! (purple vinyl LP + CD, £13.00)

    label: overground

    Follow up to the hugely successful 2013 LP "When...?", a commercial and critical hit.  Recorded in Dublin and Norwich throughout the spring of 2016, Now and Then…! is the sound of a collaboration that has grown together and are more confident about their abilities.  In 2013 when the announcement was made that Steve Ignorant was returning to recording with a bunch of Irish reprobates, some were sceptical, not least the band themselves… but the resultant deliberately lo-fi angry slab of vinyl sold very well and garnered a lot of support.  Three years on, with gigs ranging from pubs and clubs in the UK to festival slots in America and Canada, the band have recorded Now and Then…! The material is a combination of new songs and reworked songs from Steve Ignorant’s post-Crass days and Paranoid Visions unreleased or underplayed material.  The production is rich, the artwork is beautifully colourful and the material has been very well received at shows throughout 2015 and 2016. Music ranging from the Gang of Four-esque “Look Mummy Clowns” or “Bleak Town Revisited” to the Ramonesy “Loudmouth” , the dark “Fan the Flames” or speed punk of “Something More” shows the band as creatively adept and eclectic as ever. But the powerful recordings of Schwartzeneggar’s “Art and Craft” , Stratford Mercenaries “No More Running” and “Where is Love” demonstrate a passionate vocalist who still believes every word he said and believed at the time they were originally released.  Limited edition of 700.

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