• b b c radiophonic workshop The Soundhouse (CD, £11.50)

    In 1979 the Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument) was launched, the year that the BBC Radiophonic Workshop celebrated its 21st birthday. At the price of a house (approx 30,000) this state of the art piece of equipment was embedded with an 8 bit digital sampling synthesiser capable of emulating acoustic instruments and orchestras alongside the manipulation of sound effects. For the BRW this was a major game changer, where previously, composers would spend weeks editing small pieces of tape together to create sounds. Ingenuity and creativity in music and sound was still at the forefront for Workshop members but suddenly made a whole lot easier. This 1983 collection (a first time re-release here of the complete album) celebrated these new found freedoms most notably on the opening track where five Radiophonic composers combined to add their own musical identity to a rhythmic percussive sequence from the Fairlight. Highlights include music from the radio production of The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy and Fancy Fish based on Sant-Saen's Carnival Of The Animals which was the first BRW project to utilise the Fairlight. Tracklisting 

1. Radiophonic Rock 
2. Lascaux 
3. Computers In The Real World 
4. Seascape 
5. The Whale 
6. Rallyman 
7. Catch The Wind 
8. Believe It Or Not 
9. Planet Earth 
10. Dawn 
11. Mainstream 
12. The Unseeing Eye 
13. Fancy Fish 
14. Brighton Pier 
15. Armagiddean War Games 
16. Yellow Moon 
17. Radio Blackburn 
18. Macrocosm 
19. Land And People 
20. Houdin's Musical Box 
21. Ghost In The Water 
22. The Milonga

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