• tappa zukie Escape from Hell (LP, £12.50)

    label: jamaican recordings

    Originally released in 1977 as a dub follow up to Tapper’s exceptional 1976 release ‘Tappa Zukie in Dub’. The ‘In Dub’ album was cut using the great talents of engineer Philip Smart, but when the tracks were pulled together for its follow up ‘Escape to Hell’ Philip Smart had left Jamaica for New York and his replacement at the controls was Prince Jammy. Who had just returned from Canada at the request of King Tubby himself. The purpose was to fill Mr. Smart's position. Tappa was definitely in good hands and at the time he would tell the Prince was soon to become King Jammy due to his outstanding studio work. The ‘Escape from Hell’ set was initially overlooked more to the fact of the small numbers of its original pressing.The album makes great use of Tappa’s extraordinary Channel One rhythms cut with Sly and Robbie’s The Revolutionary’s Band. Great rhythms matched the magic from King Tubby’s studio at the hands of Prince Jammy. Tracklisting Track 1 SIDEWALK DUB Track 2 MASSACRA DUB Track 3 DUB DRIVER Track 4 POPULATION DUB Track 5 WEATHER UMBERELLA Track 6 KING ALPHA IN SCHOOL Track 7 EXPERIENCE DUB Track 8 MARCHING TO ZION Track 9 ESCAPE FROM HELL Track 10 SQUATTERS DUB

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