• higher state From 'Round Here (LP, £18.50)

    label: Teen Sound

    The Higher State are more than just a Garage group. As a matter of fact this fine UK outfit not only includes two members of the famous mid 90’s Folk-Garagers The Mystreated, but has released one of the finest debut albums ever in this field. Mixing Texas Garage-Punk and Psychedelia, acoustic and electric, punky and Psych-out originals that are worth your time and money. Their very authentic sound, created using exclusively vintage instruments and analogue techniques, will take you directly to Texas and California circa 1966. Yeah For Sure is a perfect example of a minor-hit Garage Punk anthem included in the Back from the Grave series, while Not This Time My Friend could be an imaginary Dylan cover. The title track is more punk-ish Beatles-through-Byrds sounding. While still kinda psyched out, within the slowed-down “higher state”, there’s also the slightly Eastern-tinged kind of a hippy chant Highlife, and a stripped-down, acoustic rendition of Gene Clark’s So You Say You Lost Your Baby.

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