• dow jones and the industrials Can't Stand the Midwest 1979-1981 (CD, £12.50)

    label: Family Vineyard

    For just more than two years starting in 1979, Dow Jones and the Industrials created roaring art-punk that collided with the confusion and celebration of technology. Their left field approach turned gnarled guitar riffs into unshakable melodies battered by synths and propelled with sharp lyrics. The songs railed against the boredom and cultural blandness of the Midwest and mirrored the paranoia of the era. As maverick studio producers and ace songwriters, the Industrials realised a vision and sound not only on par with contemporaries Devo and Pere Ubu, but still relevant and cutting today. Outside of bootleg compilation appearances and the overpriced collectors' market, the music of DJI has been unavailable for 35 years until now. "Can't Stand The Midwest 1979-1981" includes 28 songs remastered from the original tapes: The Industrials' side from "Hoosier Hysteria," the rare 1980 split LP with the Gizmos; 1981 7-inch EP; 9 unreleased studio tracks; live versions of unrecorded songs and more. A 12-page booklet features liner notes by the Gizmos' Dale Lawrence and Keith Smith's never before seen Indiana punk scene photos. Track Listing: 1. Whatís The Difference? 2. It Ainít Good Enough 3. Set Yourself On Fire 4. Malfunction 5. Dude In The Direction Field 6. Rocking Farmers 7. Hold That Coed 8. USA 9. Canít Stand The Midwest 10. Letís Go Steady 11. Indeterminism 12. Mental Disease 13. Straight A Students 14. Latent Psychosis 15. Never Too Stoned To Disco 16. Damage 17. Donít Complain About Muzak 18. Ladies With Appliances 19. Remember Your Manners 20. Bite It Off 21. Me Generation 22. Ralph Crowe 23. American Fat (live) 24. Bobby Brite (live) 25. Theme From Bluegill (live) 26. Mental Disease (live) 27. Louie Louie (live) 28. Latent Psychosis (live)

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