• hackman & peven everett Love Delicious (12", £7.95)

    label: Ramp Recordings

    RAMP Recordings return after a short hiatus with one of their biggest releases to date! * Having cut his teeth on RAMP, Hackman has been dropping singles on 2020 Vision & Greco Roman over the past few years. “Love Delicious” sees the producer’s long awaited return to the label. * After scouting for vocalists for the project, the label heard rumours that the legendary Peven Everett, best known for the UK Garage classic “Gabriel”, was keen to work with the young producer, so studio time was organised, and “Love Delicious” is the fruit of those sessions. * Remixes come from Sully, who drops a dubby, retro UK Garage version, and Saine, who returns the favour to Hackman, who previously sampled his “Forgotten Notes” track for his previous outing on RAMP and biggest release to date. Tracklist: a:1.Love Delicious, b1. Sully Remix, b2. Saine Remi

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