• heaven for real Kill Your Memory (LP, £15.25)

    label: mint

    Fraternal twin songwriters Mark and Scott Grundy (Quaker Parents/Monomyth), in tandem with rhythmic partners Cheryl Hann (Old and Weird/Picnicface) and Nathan Doucet (ex-Crosss), have spent the last two years developing their highly personal musical language. The end result of overnight sessions at their local studio (Echo Chamber Audio) and much tinkering out of their Halifax homes, Kill Your Memory marries poetic lyrical narratives with a special blend of experimental rock n' roll. It's an album that incorporates the adventurousness of jazz and nervous post-punk energy with ornamental touches of tape collage and electronics. Brian Eno would be proud. The music trapezes effortlessly between harmony and dissonance. Lyrics explore physical and mental intertwining with an almost zen-like embrace of change. Rollicking beats lead the listener down a path populated with wayward travellers in search of momentary homes ("Known Steps In Directions Unknown", "Hotel #55"), ghosts of former selves and lovers brushing up against their current counterparts ("Smooth Ops", "Hard Done By"), meditations on the intention of one's actions ("No One Knows Her", "I'm Sick") and ultimately acceptance of those actions ("Misfire"). The ring modulators employed throughout the record emulate these sudden shifts in perspective while also tipping their hat to clear spiritual forebears Devo. Elsewhere shades of Sparks' progressive lean, Daniel Johnston's earnestness, and Built to Spill's emotional gravitas mix with the unflinching optimism of early Talking Heads.

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