• carre Grey Scale (MC, £4.70)

    label: Alter

    Alter is proud to release 'Grey Scale' by Japanese Industrial duo Carre. Using a mix of synthesisers, custom made electronics and guitar, Carre build their distinctive take on industrial music from the ground up. Originally released as a CD in Japan in 2015, the music on 'Grey Scale' was composed for an exhibition by Carre and painter Sakura Kondo with the audio and visual work created through a mutual creative exchange. The end result saw Kondo's abstract paintings come to life as bite-sized Industrial wormholes, evoking thoughts of a more textural Conrad Schnitzler or some sort of lost Cabaret Voltaire bedroom recording. Track Listing: 1:Tin Reverb 2:LFTM #1 3:Open 4:Mortar Sleigh 5:Tepid Liquid 6:Vertigo 7:LFTM #2 8:Geography 9:Siemens Und Halske 10:Trompete

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