• belle and sebastian The Jeepster Singles Collection (7 180g vinyl 12" + DVD, £94.50)

    label: Jeepster

    A limited edition anthology of all seven of Belle and Sebastian’s Jeepster 12” EPs and Singles created to commemorate Jeepster’s 21st anniversary. The 12”s are remastered & pressed on heavyweight vinyl presented in a numbered hardcover slipcase. ‘Legal Man’ includes an extended mix of ‘Judy Is A Dick Slap’. Also in the set is a 20 page booklet of rare memorabilia & unseen archive photos, The Jeepster Video Collection featuring all Belle and Sebastian’s Jeepster promo videos and other unseen extras, plus three replica 1990s Fanzines, a photo print and download card. TRACKLISTING: Dog On Wheels: 1. Dog On Wheels 2. The State I Am In 3. String Bean Jean 4. Belle & Sebastian / Lazy Line Painter Jane: 1. Lazy Line Painter Jane 2. You Made Me Forget My Dreams 3. Photo Jenny 4. A Century Of Elvis / 3..6..9 Second Of Light: 1. A Century Of Fakers 2. Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie 3. Beautiful 4. Put The Book Back On The Shelf / This Is Just A Modern Rock Song: 1. This Is Just A Modern Rock Song 2. I Know Where The Summer Goes 3. The Gate 4. Slow Graffiti / Legal Man: 1. Legal Man 2. Judy Is A Dick Slap - New Extended Version / Jonathan David: 1. Jonathan David 2. Take Your Carriage Clock And Shove It 3. The Loneliness Of A Middle Distance Runner / I'm Waking Up To Us: 1. I'm Waking Up To Us 2. I Love My Car 3. Marx And Engels / The Jeepster Video Collection DVD: 1. Dog On Wheels 2. Lazy Line Painter Jane 3. A Century Of Fakers 4. Is It Wicked Not To Care? 5. This Is Just A Modern Rock Song 6. Dirty Dream #2 7. Legal Man 8. The Wrong Girl 9. Jonathan David - 60s Version 10. Jonathan David - 70s Version 11. Jonathan David 12. Up Our Own Arses - A Documentary 13. An Interview With Richard

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