• babau Papalagi (MC, £7.95)

    label: Artetetra Tapes

    With this work, the duo tries to summon exotic sounds from purely invented places and sacred rites in which they would be afraid to participate. Deconstructing the exotic sonorities and languages through imagination and recoding them in a very strained and bizarre way, Papalagi arrives to combine the smoking Rano Kau during equatorial storms, the Molam orchestras from Laos and two young boys from the Marchigian hills experimenting with a shortwave radio. What comes out is a promiscuous potpourri of themes, rhythms and harmonies borrowed from different ethnicities to which the duo doesn't belong. The research of a different familiarity to the one inherited by the white man becomes a synthesis through which the duo moves, seizing everything and belonging to nothing. Tape comes with download code card.

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