• solid waste Solid Waste (CD, £9.50)

    label: bin liner

    Once in a while, all our detective work finally pays off and we uncover a REAL long lost piece of PUNK ROCK HISTORY. In the past we have made similar claims but THIS time it is a little bit special... BIN LINER RECORDS would like to introduce you to SOLID WASTE! Well, Punk Rock has hit 40 years and it is now in the news, on television, shows and even art galleries throughout the country and has become almost mainstream - but I bet this band won't even get a mention. Like 100s of other small bands around the country, they were just as important as the bigger bands and made up a large part of the jigsaw. Sadly a lot of these bands fell by the roadside but still left a mark on history! Little as it may have been they were there doing their part. I feel so strongly about this, BIN LINER RECORDS prides itself on giving all these bands a platform and cementing them in Punk Rock History and giving them the credit that they all deserved, albeit a few years late but we are proud to open up these bands to a new generation to show what they missed. Solid Waste hailing from Chelmsford in Essex were just like any other bunch of bored kids in the mid 70s with all the strikes, poverty and the dire heavy rock that was clogging up the charts. So when the Sex Pistols and the like were making ripples they saw it as their chance to rebel and be part of something! Like most of these smaller bands, 1977 was intense for a couple of years and then it was all over! Like they say, the star burned bright for a short time and then it went out! If we had to describe this band, we would say a cross between the Killjoys and Menace. They even gigged with the Killjoys down at the Music Machine and recorded at the same studio as them. On this release you get 26 studio tracks that were all recorded in 1977 at the famous Spaceward Studio in Cambridge. This is on one of our finest discoveries... ever! FEATURES 1 Solid Waste Chant 2 Red Guard 3 Running Sore 4 Nervous Exhaustion 5 Hell to Pay 6 Youth Treatment 7 Savage in the City 8 Survive 9 Kamikaze 10 Play Rough 11 If it Breaks 12 Raw Nerve 13 Stray Bullets 14 Normal Life 15 Problem or the Solution 16 Ascending Star 17 Anti-Hero 18 Raging Paranoia 19 No-Go Area 20 Crash / Unreleased proposed 7 21 Normal Life #2 22 Falling Apart / First ever recordings 23 Normal Life#3 24 Anti-Hero#2 25 Stray Bullets#2 26 If it Breaks#2

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