• johnny foreigner You Might Be Right (CD, £12.50)

    label: alcopop!

    Johnny Foreigner are back with their long awaited 5th album sounding more visceral and vital than ever before – it's unmistakably Johnny Foreigner, but there's a deep subtlety imbued within that twin barrel vocal barrage and something defiantly delicate within those churning riffs… This is tragic pop. But tragic pop that zips and fizzes as if everything depends upon it. Who knows? It probably does. "a powerful message put to a signature style that's beginning to seem defiantly timeless" – The Line of Best Fit. "How they top this is beyond me." – Drowned In Sound. "You Can Do Better is a perfect execution of a well thought out plan." – DIY. "Johnny Foreigner are, thankfully, still showing no desire to slow down." - Clash. Tracks: Mounts Everest / Undevastator / I Can Show You The Way To Grand Central / The X and The O / Don’t, Just Don’t / Our Lifestyles Incandescent / The Worst Of Us / Into The Veldt / If You Can’t Be Honest, Be Awesome / CliffJumper / Decants The Atlantic

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