• milo scaglioni A Simple Present (CD, £7.95)

    label: akoustik anarkhy

    4/5 REVIEW IN RECORD COLLECTOR: “COMBINES THE BUCOLIC TEMPERAMENT OF ELLIOTT SMITH, RAY DAVIES, RONNIE LANE ETC WITH ACOUSTIC ARRANGEMENTS, KIND-HEARTED SENTIMENTS AND FOLKISH TUNES.” Milo Scaglioni – former member of Sub Pop signed Jennifer Gentle and bassist with Jim Noir, Dellera and Sonic Jesus - marks his debut solo album with a psych folk delight that nods to the English traditions of his adopted homeland. Having lived in England for a decade, Milo moved back to Rome to make the record. This is a split indie release between Manchester’s Akoustik Anarkhy and Italian label Crytmo Records (a division of the Rome based Misty Lane Records). As co-producer, Milo enlisted his own travelling wilburys to assist in creating the record’s insatiable atmosphere with some of Italy's finest musicians; Roberto Dellera (Bass), PJ Harvey collaborator Enrico Gabrielli (Piano, Organ, Rhodes, Sax, Vocals), Lino Gitto (Drums, Percussion, Organ), Gianluca De Rubertis (Piano, Wurtlizer), and Simone Prudenzano (Drums). Bolstered by ‘October’s Beatlesesque harmonies and the down-and-out eccentricity of The Kinks, the smoky melancholia of ‘Sea of Misery’ and the final jam at the end of ‘Enough is Not Enough’ (an homage to Love’s Da Capo), each track floats along in a sun-blushed magic-hour haze and is unapologetically simple, hence the title. Simple Present is bound together with the honesty of early Leonard Cohen, the flair of fellow countryman Fabrizio de Andrè and Gruff Rhys's melodic nous – not to mention English lyrics which, says Milo, were a natural occurrence. “When I moved back to Italy, even though I am Italian and have lived there until the age of 19, I still felt English,” he says. “None of my initial inspiration came from Italians. The UK and the States had always been my place where to look for inspiration.” Sometimes to truly discover yourself you have to go a long way before finding your way back again. “To quote Shakespeare” tells Milo. “Life can end up becoming ‘a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing.’ Simple Present is about living. It’s about finding the way to live an authentic and satisfying life as a present to yourself.” Tracklisting: 1. Sea of Misery 2. October (What You Want is Where You Belong) 3. Baffled Mirror 4. Black Dog No.7 5. Letter for Pretty 6. Stone Cold Sober 7. Place Your Bet 8. The 1st, the Second and the Last 9. Taller on That Tree 10. Enough is Not Enough

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