• david barzan Blanco (LP, £20.75)

    label: Barsuk Records

    Having spent half of the last decade on tour, away from home, Bazan wrote his new songs from the wandering life of a travelling troubadour. And while there is joy in that life, Blanco is born of its challenges. It's what, and whom, he leaves at home that you hear on Blanco. Made up of tracks that were previously available in a very limited edition 7" vinyl series called Bazan Monthly, Volume 1 and Volume 2, Bazan started the project to see what kind of songs would come if he sat down in a small bedroom in his basement, propelled by a deadline, kids sleeping upstairs, and wrote from the duality that had blocked him from writing before - what it means to have a home, and have to constantly leave it to make ends meet. They also signal the end of the organic singer/songwriter mode that he never loved but seemed to be mired in anyway, with delay and distortion binding layers of drum machine and synth together. Guitar comes in as a sweet reminder of where he started, but stays sparse. Tracks: Both Hands / Oblivion / Kept Secrets / With You / Trouble With Boys / Teardrops / Little Landslide / Someone Else's Bet / Over Again / Little Motor

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