• atlas Solitude EP (12", £6.95)

    label: Keysound Recordings

    Keysound Recordings are proud to present the debut EP from up and coming talent, Atlas. A Brighton contemporary of Keysound family member Etch, Atlas’ EP stretches the boundaries of the label’s rollage aesthetic, weightless synth experimentation and established sub heavy paradigms to near breaking point. The EP’s title track, “Solitude,” has been a set opener for Keysound founders Dusk + Blackdown for over 18 months, wiping the slate clean with smooth lines towards a distant horizon; a pensive melodic tension broken only by skeletal drum flickers and sub gravity. Rewarding those who wait, it builds through layers of abstraction over four minutes towards a massive emotional apex. “On the cusp” explores similar themes, using fragments of wistful dialog interwoven with skeletal drums that seem to suggest the photographic negative of a percussive floor filler: an X-ray of a now expired club banger. The EP concludes with “Alone in a timespan”, yet further taking the form & function to near collapse. Finally, it pulls back, returning to more familiar club dynamics with with the dubby, bass-heavy rollage of “Calm”. TRACKLIST: 1. Solitude, 2. On The Cusp, 3. Alone In A Timespan, 4. Calm.

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