• okzharp and samrai Gated EP (12", £6.95)

    label: Keysound Recordings

    Keysound Recordings are excited to announce a chromatic collaboration from two family members, aided by an international cluster of voices. “Gated” began life as a lush, percussive instrumental that sat between gqom & UK funky’s offbeat percussion, house’s padded textures and reggae’s low-slung subs. It became a pivotal record at Keysound Sessions: scattering light into dark corners. Then three vocalists from three different countries made their twists on it: yard-style UK garage vocalist Specialist Moss, South Africa’s Ruffest, known for their work on LV’s “Sebenza” album and Jamaica’s Shokryme, an affiliate of dancehall’s Aidonia and the Equiknoxx crew. The latter was recently featured on Toddla T's Jamaican Freshman freestyle 2016. The EP was “hot mixed” live on an outboard desk in east London by Okzharp and Samrai; each mix a one take moment laid down. Okzharp released his debut EP, 'Dear Ribane 113' EP, in collaboration with Manthe Ribane, on Hyperdub last year. Originally from South Africa and a former member of LV, he has recently proven influential in the spread of the SA gqom sound through his DJ mixes and introducing other artists to it, not least Goon Club Allstars’ Moleskin, Rinse FM's Mumdance and Hyperdub’s Kode9. Samrai is a founding member of Manchester’s bashy Swing Ting collective/label and a massively respected DJ in his own right. The imprint’s Madd Again! album was one of the most celebrated releases of 2015. He first contributed to Keysound on the flagship compilation “This is how we roll.” TRACKLIST: 1. I Know Feat Specialist Moss, 2. Woza Uzova ft Ruffest (Gated vocal), 3. Body Deh ft Shokryme , 4. Gated (instrumental), 5. Gated (Woza Uzova instrumental).

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