• tuff love Resort (CD, £11.75)

    label: Lost Map Records

    Glasgow group Tuff Love collate their first three EPs on this compilation. It's been a banner year for Tuff Love, with the Glasgow group seeming to reach a bigger, wider audience than ever before. Tattered grunge-pop delivered with a wry sense of observation, the band's material has blossomed with each passing release. Tuff Love comment: "These are songs we started making in 2012 and finished in 2015, so it's 3 whole years of Tuff Love. There's a whole load of songs from Tuff Love 2012-2015 that didn't make it onto this or the EPs but we felt these ones represented us best at the time and we're proud of them. They were a labor of love. The tracks are in the order they were released on Junk, Dross and Dregs. We know it's not an album in the sense that it was written to be an album, but we wanted to put a full stop after the three EPs, and releasing them all as 'Resort' seems like a cool way to do that!" 1. Sweet Discontent 2. Flamingo 3. Copper 4. Poncho 5. Penguin 6. Slammer 7. That's Right 8. Sebastian 9. Doberman 10. Cum 11. Duke 12. Crocodile 13. Threads 14. Amphibian 15. Carbon

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