• otoboke beaver Okoshiyasu!! Otoboke Beaver (CD, £10.50)

    label: Damnably

    Debut release outside of Japan for Otoboke Beaver of Kyoto, Japan. The band's name is taken from a local "love hotel" and the song subject matter is a screw-you to bad love, devious boyfriends and general sexism. Otoboke Beaver are part of a new wave of feminist Japanese bands, defining themselves sexually and musically. "Okoshiyasu!" ("welcome!") is a compilation of the bands sold-out singles and mini albums. This is deranged punk-rock-pop-garage played at breakneck speed, very influenced by Western riot grrrl attitudes and the sounds of punk and angular post-rock. The band sing in Japanese, and often in untranslatable Kyoto slang.

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