• cassius Au Rêve (CD, £9.95)

    After their first (very) successful album, Cassius decided not to rely on their natural ability to make us dance to their groovy bass lines, and came back with a daring project: integrate some mostly African-American influenced singings in their compositions to give electronic music a new dimension. Don’t worry, the catchy-rhythmic sound of Cassius is still here. You might recognise the voice of Ghostface Killah, one of Wu Tang Clan’s members that delivers a punchy performance on the upbeat tempo track “Thrilla”, as well as Steve Edwards, the house music singer who sang with Swedish producer Axwell, and who’s also known for having lent his voice to Bob Sinclar on the famous “World, hold On”. We’re releasing the album once more, so that you can get back into the fabulous swing of Cassius.

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