• lamont feat. grim sickers and nico lindsay Missed Calls EP (12", £6.95)

    label: Keysound Recordings

    “Who’s this guy? What’s he doing?” So runs the opening line of Lamont’s debut EP on Keysound Recordings – and well he might ask. After his first release in 2014 on Bristol’s excellent Durkle Disco imprint – run by Keysound Sessions host Koast MC – Lamont focused on writing these four startling tracks for Keysound Recordings. And focused they are. The EP is a bold exercise in blatant contradictions. It’s grimey but sonically spacious, house ‘n’ garage tempo but near zero-point energy, arresting but unexpectedly anthemic. Despite featuring two emerging grime MCs - Grim Sickers and Trim-affiliate Nico Lindsay – they are just as musically close to LV & Josh Idehen’s “38 EP” on Keysound or the darkest Wen material as Trim’s classic Soul Food mixtapes. The track “In the Field ft Nico Lindsay” was debuted at Keysound Sessions by Lamont and was de facto signed before it had even run out. “Death Slide”, first played on Dusk + Blackdown’s Rinse FM show, has become an unlikely anthem, with support from Kahn & Neek, Loefah, Parris and Riz La Teef. TRACKLIST: Lamont Feat Grim Sickers – Death Slide, 2. Death Slide (Dub), 3. Lamont Feat Nico Lindsay – In The Field, 4. In The Field (Devils Mix).

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