• k b t Suck More Piss (LP, £15.95)

    label: Fysisk Format

    A salute to the great, almost extinct art of rock and roll fun. Featuring members from some of Oslo's rock underground most respected bands like The Good The Bad And The Zugly, Lonely Kamel, Backstreet Girls, The Mormones. KBT (Kosmik Boogie Tribe) is a five piece rock and roll group based in Oslo, Norway. Each member originally hails from different rural parts of Norway but have been living in the capital for ages and have all been part of different aspects of the Oslo rock underground. Their second album (named after Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs infamous quote and performance at the Sunbury Festival) is a tour de force punk and roll road trip seen through the eyes of an 18 year old pimpled and troubled boy. Over to KBT-guitarist Morten: SMP is for sure an 80% concept album. But not intentionally, I just found that quality after listening to the final mix. The songs are tales about this no name kid's daily life and encounters with beer, glue, girls, horrible bosses, fucking to AC/DC, more girls, glue, beer and so on. Suck More Piss is an all live analog recording, completed in one and a half day. The mixing process was also done "live": Old-school-all-hands-on-deck-style by KBT and Kenneth Storkås at Endless Tinnitus, Oslo. There's no editing on the tracks. The first digital interference came with the mastering which was executed by Simen Jeistad at Heme Studios. There are 7 original KBT songs and two songs that are written/ performed/ recorded by other cats. We choose to leave it up to you to figure them out! An unintentional concept album it very well may be, but first and foremost Suck More Piss is KBT's salute to the great, almost extinct art of rock and roll fun. Suck More Piss is a tribute to Lobby Loyde, Angus, Noddy, Jeff Dahl, Angry, Psychos, Hard-ons, Tatts, Dictators, Thorpie and the Aztecs, Hot Rods, Real Kids and all other rockers who took guitar and stupendous volume and stupid lyrics seriously. KBT has shared stage with The Dictators, Cosmic Psychos, Reigning Sound and Jason & The Scorchers to name a few. They all loved KBT's hard-rocking-never-stopping sound and it's about time you do too! So crank up your stereo, light that ciggy or doobie, annoy all your neighbours and enjoy the wonderful life of beer and rock and roll. Tracklist: 01. Suck More Piss 4:19 02. Habaneros 2:33 03. Living In A Dream 2:42 04. The Lot 6:01 05. Lobby Loyde 4:27 06. I Don't Like You 2:12 07. Girl On Girl 2:42 08. Do What You Wanna Do 4:51 09. Get Fucked 6:34

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