• lois Dank Jazz (7", £4.70)

    label: Acuarela

    “The missing link between Nick Cave and Billy McKenzie” – THE LINE OF BEST FIT / “Really, really good” – DIY / “With Cure-like guitar lines and tinny Garageband drum tracks, Lois manages to create his own goth-tinged, C-86 world” – NME (Buzz Band of the Week) / “Catchy tape-recorded bedroom serenades” – REMEZCLA / “With Hinds and The Parrots leading the charge of the Madrid music mafia, Lois is set to be the next breakout artist from the Spanish capital’s creative scene” – THE LINE OF BEST FIT / LOIS is a multi-talented artist; a gifted vocalist and musician who also draws his own artwork, an illustrator who has a flair for writing obscure, haunting indie-pop songs from his bedroom studio in Madrid. His first release was a two-song cassette on US DIY-label Citrus City Records, and it was aptly entitled ‘Bedroom Recordings’. Everything is done by Lois himself in his room, with an old beatbox, a Fender Jaguar and a 4-track tape recorder. Those two songs quickly caught the attention of some influential blogs and put him under the spotlight, surprising everyone with his sultry vocals and catchy guitar lines. Instead of basking in the media attention, he retreated back to his nest to write the two new songs that appear on this 7” vinyl debut, and started scouting for musicians to form his live band. Now, with ‘Dank Jazz’ on shiny vinyl and its two wonderful dark-surf songs under his belt, LOIS is ready to take the next step and travel outside of his boudoir with his excellent live band, crooning his way across the ocean and rightly becoming the latest indie-pop sensation to come from this new hotbed of musical talent that is Madrid.

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